We strongly feel that children are like Hummingbirds, smallest and yet smartest, we will teach your little hummingbird to fly!


Our inquisitiveness and aspiration to build a unique child centric atmosphere with immense caring ethics to have the core of our establishment and we strongly believe this to be our foundation.

We are always prepared to fulfil your expectations with better service and aimed to establish an amicable Eco-System where child can have abundance of fun filled activities, excitement in a homely environment that inculcate creativity, curiosity, imagination through active involvement of our Care Givers by adopting the modern approach. It is our utmost effort to provide a safe day care session combined with holistic and joyous environment and our goal is to promote each child’s own individual, social, emotional, physical and all round development.

Our Mission


To Provide unique care to cherish a memorable childhood.


To impart reliable care by ensuring child’s safety through continuous, enhanced and contemporary approach.


To create a comfortable and homely environment to rely upon.
To safeguard the children by adopting standard safety practices.
To respect each other’s ideas for better understanding and stronger collaboration.


We believe in the unique value and appropriate care of each child which plays a very pivotal role and nurturing them for their lives.

Our Team

Kalyani Kar

Children should be able to learn and explore in their own comfortable way and have opportunity to learn something every day. A Passionate Educator! While teaching in various High Achieving Schools, she develops a personal philosophy and skill set to brings out best in children.

Preeti Mishra

She has true passion for nurturing the child, being patient and caring in nature she strongly feels that each child is unique and make them feel distinguished, so each of them deserve similar attention and care when it comes to personal care.